Air Power Drawbar

Suitable for conventional milling machines. Designed to improve production time by quickening the changing of tool holders.

Available for R8, NT30, NT40, NT50 spindle milling machines.


  • Power motor
  • Control box
  • Air filter and lubricant
  • Drawbar


Air Power Drawbar:

  • PD-150, PD-200
    The Air Power Drawbar can be installed in any kind of machine, of which the main spindle is R-8, NT-30, NT-40 or NT-50.
  • It is convenient for the machinist who wants increased production and performance from his machine. It is suitable for NC and general milling machines.
  • This device is easily installed needs only 5 seconds to change the cutting tool.
  • Main power is air compression.
  • This device is designed with a safety device controlled with solenoid valve. The power drawbar cannot be operated while machine is running.


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