BS-0/1 Universal Dividing Head

  • Model: BS-0 / BS-1
  • Threaded Spindle nose
  • 24 hole dividing plate
  • Accurate precision


Milling Semi – BS-0/1 Universal Dividing Head

  • Dividing Head can divide in any angle by the direct, in-direct, or different methods. The ratio between the warm and the warm gear is 40:1.
  • Hardened and ground spindle is rigidly held in a taper roller bearing. Worm is hardened and ground also.
  • The swivel head can be locked of any angle from 10˚ below horizontal to 90˚ vertical-precision fitting to base assures smooth rotation.
  • All models have threaded spindle nose and 24 hole dividing plate with easy conversion to fast direct indexing on numbers 2,3,4,6,8,12, and 24.
  • Easy indexing of all numbers from 2 to 50 and many numbers from 52 of 380. Model BS-2 is also equipped for different indexing for all numbers from 2 to 380, and
  • for spiral cutting.
  • Accurate precision, little backlash, fine appearance and strong structure so can assure smooth rotation.
Model Weight A B C D E A1 B1 H1
BS-0 20kgs 189 140       167 80 107.5
BS-1 33.3kgs 293 156       191 88 137