Clamping Kit in Case – 58 Pieces M16 – T20mm

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The clamping kit is used to clamp down and secure objects to your machine bed so that you can cut, mill or shape the object without it moving.

(Various Sizes Available)

  • T20 – “T” number. This refers to the T-Slot size, in mm, in the bed of your machine. The “T” number, or T-Slot, of the clamping kit must match this size. (Please take note of this and ensure it will fit into your machine bed before placing an online order).
  • M16 – The “M” number refers to the stud/bolt size.
  • 58 steel pieces included.
  • Comes in a strong plastic case, as seen in product photo.

1 in stock


The 58 Piece Premium Quality Clamping Kit with plastic case set includes:

24 Studs
6 T-Bolts
6 Flange Nuts
4 Coupling Nuts
6 Step Block Pairs (12 total)
6 Steel Step Clamps
1 Plastic Case Holder

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