Clamping Kit M14 – T16mm

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  • T16 – “T” number. This refers to the T-Slot size, in mm, in the bed of your machine. The “T” number, or T-Slot, of the clamping kit must match this size. (Please take note of this and ensure it will fit into your machine bed before placing an online order).
  • M14 – The “M” number refers to the stud/bolt size.
  • Wall mountable holder
  • 6 piece Step Clamps
  • 12 piece Step Blocks with Stepped Teeth
  • 6 piece T-Slot Nuts
  • 24 piece Studs in different length
  • 6 piece Flange Nuts
  • 4 piece Coupling Nuts
  • Case / Holder colour may vary

1 in stock


This clamping kit includes a variety of flange nuts, tee nuts, step blocks, coupling nuts, studs and hold-down bars to fit almost any machine where clamping is needed. The clamping kit also includes an organiser to store and keep each tool readily accessible.

Designed to save set-up time and solve most clamping problems.
Manufactured to high standards.
All step clamps are forged and hardened and the step blocks are made from high-quality steel.
All components (other than the studs) are heat-treated and finished in black oxide.
Available to suit a full range of T-Slot widths.
Supplied in a plastic rack which can be wall mounted or fitted to workbenches for ease of storage.

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