Ground Parallels – 18 Pieces


  • Hardness: HRC 45˚ ~ 53˚
  • Precision: W x H ±0.01L± 0.5
  • Accuracy:0.01mm
  • Process: Four-side ground
  • Weights: 5.8KGS



The Ground Parallels set helps to elevate your part up in a vise so that it can be securely clamped. They will keep your part parallel to the base of the vise and table of the milling machine or pedestal drill. Each size is supplied as a pair to ensure an even lift within the clamping range.

Made of high grade alloy steel hardened and ground.

8.5x14x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x16x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x20x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x24x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x30x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x32x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x36x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x40x150mm x 2PCS
8.5x44x150mm x 2PCS


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