Maxi Hydraulic Press Brake – up to 1000Tons

Hydraulic Press Brake with E21 Control

    • The frame is welded with steel plates and treated to relieve stress which helps ensure bending precision is maintained.
    • Hydraulic top-drive, stepless pressure adjustment and high quality sealing rings to ensure machine reliability.
    • The stroke and distance of the backgauge is adjusted by motor and is displayed by digital meters.
    • Inch, single and continuous operation modes
    • A fence surrounds the back of the machine to ensure operation safety.


We supply press brakes with multiple axis as well as a variety of different controllers to suit the user’s needs



Included – Estun E21 Control

The Estun E21 control provides the operator with complete software control of the machine. It improves productivity and work accuracy. This control still remains simple enough for even unskilled workers to comfortably use.