Quick-Tech V13 / V15 VMC

Bigger dimensions with a working area of 1500 x 700 x 750 mm, the vertical machining center is also designed to work on big work pieces.

Directly connected with ballscrew and AC servo motors, the high precision coupling offers the best rigidity and keeps the accuracy of axial slide assembly under high speed movement. The machine is well equipped and has a favorable cost-performance ratio.


Quick-Tech V13/V15 VMC Specifications

Machine TypeV13V15
Spindle Speed250-8000pm
Spindle TypeBT-40
Spindle Shaft HardnessHRC58-62 °
Spindle OrientationEncoder
Spindle Power11KW Servo Spindle Motor(15KW OPTION)
Clamping Force350-400KG
Table Dimension1500mm x 660mm1800mm x 660mm
Work area1300mm x 700mm1500mm x 700mm
Max. Loading Capacity1050Kg1300Kg
Spindle Nose to Table130mm-800mm
Spindle Center to Colum750mm
Table Surface to Floor1050mm
T-Slot18mm x 100mm x 5
X / Y / Z axis Travel1300mm / 700mm / 670mm1500mm / 700mm / 670mm
X / Y / Z axis Rapid Speed24M/min
X / Y / Z axis Servo motorMitsubishi AC Servo3.5KW
Cutting Feed20-8000mm / min
Axis TransmissionDirect Drive
Balls screw Diameter40mm
Command Position0.001mm
ATC TypeArmless / Arm Type (OPTION)
Number of tools24tools
Tool SelectionRandom
Tool Changing Time2sec
Tool Size (Dia x Length)75mm x 250mm
Max. Tool Weight7Kg
Lubrication TypeAUTO
Position of LubricationSlide Way&Ball Screw
Lubricator Tank2Liters
Cycle time of Lubrication15min
Lubricator Power120W
Machine Length/Width/Height3600mm/3000mm/3150mm3850mm/3000mm/3150mm
Machine Weight8200kg8600kg