Schnell CX-10 Laser Cleaning Machine

The CX-10 Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine allows the operator to strip any rust, paint, dirt, etc. off of surfaces such as metal, stone, cement and even wood with ease, making the surface appear brand new. This product is useful in just about any industry and is a huge improvement from sandblasting machines where they can sometimes remove too much of the surface layer (damaging the surface that you’re trying to clean) and while they also produce a lot of dust and waste due to the granules/sand that it uses. With this CX-10 Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine it only produces an extremely small amount of dust/debris which can be easily dusted and vacuumed away. The cleaning laser can either be operated freely by hand or it can be mounted to an automated platform or robotic arm. It requires no special training and is safe to use.


Environmentally Friendly

  • No Pollution
  • No Chemical Damage
  • Easy And Safe To Use

Accurate positioning with no damage to the base material. The laser cleaning machine can clean sensitive material surfaces such as aluminum, carbon, stainless, carbon fiber reinforced polymer or most coated materials, without damaging them. The laser can be used on material surfaces to make it rougher to increase the strength of the bond when later coating them. The cost of laser cleaning is only about 20% of chemical cleaning cost.

Laser cleaning machines can remove from the object surface: resin, paint, oil residue, stains, dirt, rust, and oxide coatings. It is widely used in the industry, covering ships, steam repairs, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, track and environmental protection.

Video of the CX-10 Cleaning Laser in Operation:


Laser – Type Fiber
Pulse Formation Q-Switched (Quality factor)
Average Power (W), Max 100
Average Power (W) 0-100
Output Range (If adjustable) 0-100
Pulse-Frequency (KHz),Range 20-200
Scanning Width (mm) 10~80
Expected Focal Distance(mm) 160mm
Cooling Type Air cooling
Input Power 220V, 50/60Hz