Schnell Fusion Laser Welding

Fast welding with minimal consumable usage! Fiber Laser Welding Machines are at the forefront of welding technology. It gives a strong and very clean weld while not creating much heat and no splatter. It’s incredibly easy to use, especially when compared to other welding methods and techniques.

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Wobble Laser Head

This multi-axis head makes welding by hand more flexible and much easier to perform. Features a laser pointer for an accurate weld. It’s light weight, ergonomic design can be equipped with a variety of different angled nozzles to suite different welding situations.

Industry Applications

Video of the Schnell Fusion Laser Welding Machine


Laser power 1000W / 2000W / 3000W (optional)
laser wave length 1070 NM
Fiber length Standard 10M /Maximum 15M
Welding speed range 0~120 mm/s
Cooling chiller Industrial water chiller
Working environment temperature range 15~35 ℃
working voltage 220 V
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