TNMG160404-P3 BP6225 Inserts (sold as set of 10)

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Negative insert which allows both sides to be used.

Recommended for Mild Steel

BP6225 Grade – The improved substrate functions with high stability and excellent resistance to breakage; the materials has improved the tool life and better resistance to plastic deformation by applying composite coating technique with upgraded CVD coating (MTCVD) and thick film-a-AL203.

BP6225 is suitable for continuous cutting at high speed and for interrupted cutting.

1 in stock

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Chip breaker P3:
• Best suited for semi-finish machining of carbon steel and alloy steel.
• Suitable for processing workpiece with various dimensions and types.
• Maintaining tool life and excellent surface when machining at high speed and high feed.


Cutting speed vc(m/min): 120-300
Feed per revolution fn(mm/rev): 0.07-0.3
Cutting depth ap(mm): 0.25-1

Radius (R): 0.4mm

TNMG Carbide Inserts

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