VUT-6-10-12 Tilting Rotary Table

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  • Models: VUT-6 / VUT-10 / VUT-12
  • Used For: Milling Machines, Boring Machines and Drilling Machines


VUT Tilting Rotary Table

  • Accurate and built for use in milling, boring and other machines.
  • Indexing, facing and other operations can be done rapidly with extreme precision.
  • Worm shafts are hardened and ground.
  • Indexing can be done with optional dividing plates.
  • DP-1 for VUT-6,DP-3 for VUT-10,VUT-12.
  • Tailstook TS-1 for VUT-6,TS-3 for VUT-10,VUT-12.

VUT-6-10-12 Tilting Rotary Table Specifications:

Specifications VUT-6 VUT-10 VUT -12
Degree per one handle rotation
Vernier Reading 1’ 2’ 2’
Degree per one handle rotation
Scale of Micro Collar 1’ 1’ 1’
Vernier Reading 10’ 10’ 10’
Gear Ratio 1:90 1:90 1:90