DAVI MCO Plate Roller – 3 Rollers

The most common design in the industry, with the top roll fixed, and the two side rolls that move up and down to pre-bend the edges, and to roll the plates.The most inexpensive roll for plates from 15-20 mm (5/8 – 3/4 inch) thickness, up to 80-100 mm (3 – 4 Inch), and more, it is recommended for limited production volumes.


The MCO is called “double pinch” because it performs the pre-bending of both ends of the plate without removing the material from the machine (impossible on any single initial pinch, asymmetric design).
As the side rolls widely raise and drop to pre-bend the two edges, the large free access allows to form high stock bar through the rolls, compared to other roll designs.

The three rolls are powered with three independent hydraulic motors, directly splined on the roll shafts, providing the most powerful torque transmission and ensuring excellent plate feeding, without the risk of plate slipping.
Other plate roll manufacturers, have only the top roll OR only the two side rolls powered, making it difficult to feed properly thin, narrow or large diameter cylinders. The idle rolls can be powered, but only on request, and with small and low powered auxiliary motors.

All three rolls are safely braked efficiently, automatically and hydraulically instead of using low efficiency, consumable brake linings common to other brands.


Servo-Tronic is more accurate than any previous hydraulic, electronic or mechanic (torsion bar) parallel system, and keeps the machine’s side rolls parallel, even in case of electronic problems (less down-time), as it has a dual, independent but integrated, parallel control system (Davi Patent).

It grants an excellent roundness, thanks to the Planetary movement of the side rolls (Davi patent), approaching them to the center of the machine (the tightest geometry available), compared to the inclined linear guides of other brands that, especially on large diameters, move more and more far from the central roll and the plate clamping.

Planetary Guides (friction-free, mill-scale-proof, Lubrication-less, Maintenance-.free), Permanent Lubrication, Energy Saving, digital Roll by Wire and the dual Servo-Tronic parallel system (most Davi Patented), make it innovative, state-of-the-art, easy to be operated, highly productive, very accurate, reliable and maintenance-free.

ISO 9001:2008 certified, built with total quality, complying with tight ISO standards (today, a “must” in the market), it is engineered and built for high performance, in a distinguished design common to the most reputed “100% Made in Italy” products.
It also benefits from the professional mechanical “passion” of Promau’s local area, home of Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati, ect., the most advanced Italian high-tech companies.

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