Maxi 660Q CNC Wheel Lathe

This CNC wheel repair lathe is purpose-built to repair wheel rims but is also able to machine shafts using it’s tailstock as if it was a normal CNC lathe. Customers often end up buying more than one of these machines from us after realizing how useful they are.


Wheel Lathe Features:

  • The wheel rim measurements can be recorded by laser scanning or probing equipment which is included with the machine.
  • Hundreds of different wheel profiles can be stored and the machine programs can be selected as needed.
  • The software has been designed specifically for wheel rim repairs.
  • Wheel machining is automatic, precise and fast.
  • The machine is operated by touch screen, and the system interface supports many different languages.
  • Features X and Z axis measurement, wheel surface and circumferential machining.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system.
  • Using a diamond tipped tool for machining wheel rims makes the wheel surface smoother.
  • The machine can be customized according to customer requirements.


Max Wheel Diameter22″ inch
Main motor power5.5kW
Wheel measuring directionX, Z
Measuring ToolProbe mm
Measurement methodPoint measurement and quick scan
Program optimizationManual and automatic
Number of wheel processing programs100000
Wheel processingSurface, rim
Machining accuracyIT6~IT7
Surface roughnessRa0.8~1.6 um
Main drive formFrequency control, servo drive (optional)
Spindle speedFactory setting 150~2000 >2000 (optional)
Turret formFixed turret, Electric turret (optional)
Section of turning tool25×25mm