Maxi JL-Series Eccentric Press: 16 – 400Tons

JL21 Series Eccentric Press with Fixed Table and Adjustable Stroke

  • Welded Steel plate framework with high strength machine body providing less deformation. This ensures the capacity to bear heavy loads.
  • Eight-faced rectangle slide guides in high moving precision and high accuracy, extending the service life of the die.
  • Combined pneumatic friction clutch and brake provides low noise and long service life to ensure reliable safety and flexible movement.
  • Automatic oil lubrication system.
  • Hydraulic overload protection device is highly effective in protecting against overload and ensures convenient and reliable operation.
  • Automatic adjustment of the die set height marked by convenient operation (except 25T).
  • PLC electrical control system allows various auto-equipment to be reprogrammed according to different requirements and perform various functions, to ensure high reliability and high adaptability.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Features inching, single and continuous movement.