Quick-Tech i-60 Ultimate – CNC Turning and Milling Complex Lathe

This innovative series stands out as an automatic lathe!

The i-42 Ultimate designation comprises of 10 axis and 4 spindles which includes a sub spindle with both X and Z positioning. This also marks the integration of the driven tools having a powerful B- axis milling for simultaneous and efficient machining. Due to this enhancement, the tools application becomes more fast and flexible for complicated parts.


Quick-Tech i-60 Ultimate – CNC Turning and Milling Complex Lathe Specifications

Machine TypeI-60U
Mitsubishi ControllerM830S
Spindle Max. Turning Dia.100mm
CapacityMax. Bar Working Dia.65mm
Max. Turning Length230mm
Collet Chuck TypeKK6-185E60B
Spindle NoseA2-6
Spindle Bore66mm
Max. RPM.6000rpm
Sub-spindleMax. Turning Dia.100mm
CapacityMax. Bar Working Dia.30mm
Max. Turning Length100mm
Collet Chuck TypeKK5-173E42B
Spindle NoseA2-5
Spindle Bore31mm
Max. RPM.6000rpm
C AxisLeast Command Unit0.001°
Positioning Accuracy0.02°
Travel&FeedX1/Y1/Z1 axis150 / 410 / 250mm
X2/Y2/Z2 axis450 / 380 / 300mm
Rapid Feed30m/min
Repeated Positioning Accuracy0.005mm
MotorMain-SpindleServo Spindle 11.0kw
Sub-SpindleServo Spindle 3.7kw
X1/Y1/Z1 axisAC Servo 1.5k
X2/Y2/Z2 axisAC Servo 1.5k
Motorized ToolAC Servo 1.5k
A.T.C SystemOD/ID Tools Main Spindle2020-06-05 00:00:00
OD/ID Tools Main Spindle2020-05-09 00:00:00
Tool Shank Size□ 20mm
Drill Holder Size (Main)ER-20 /  Ø20mm
Drill Holder Size (Sub)ER-20 /  Ø20mm
Motorized ToolNumber of Motorized ToolsT1=12 / T2=12
B axis360°
Max. RPM.4000rpm
Collet SpecificationER-20
Max. Drilling Dia.12.0mm
Max. Tapping CapacityM10xP1.5
HydraulicHydraulic Pump / Tank Capacity1HP / 40L+25L
SystemMax. Pressure / Flow30 kg/cm²  /  12L/min
LubricationLubricant Pump / Tank Capacity25W / 2L
Max. Pressure15 kg/cm²
Coolant Coolant PumpTPH4T5K, 5Bar, 75 L/min
SystemHydraulic Pump2HP + SF-30C, 25Bar, 30L/min
Coolant Tank Capacity240L
MachineLength/ Width/ Height3500 (2900) / 1900 / 1950mm