Automatic Drive Cleat Duct Line

  • C-Cleat and S-Cleat
  • This duct line features high efficiency and low labor cost.
  • Computer controlled electronics and servo-driven feeding platform greatly improve the production precision and operation stability.



The full automatic drive cleat duct line (C-cleat) is composed of the feeding frame, the leveling and beading device, the sharp-notch and square-notch hydraulic device, the hydraulic shearing machine, the displacement type Pittsburgh lock former, and the platform of manipulator grabbing and positioned feeding. The full-auto duct line will complete the following process: blanking, punching, TDF flange forming, lock seam forming, folding into C-cleat and S-cleat flange, and finally processing by standing seam flange former.

Automatic drive cleat duct line parameters:

Specifications / Parameters:
Model C&S
Processing thickness 0.5-1.2mm
Max. processing sheet width 1250mm
Max. feeding speed 18m/min
Max. coiler weight 8000kg
Motor power 14kw
Weight 5000kg
Dimension 6000x2500x1400mm