460 x 1000mm460 x 1500mm
Swing over bed460 mm460mm
Swing over cross slide270 mm270mm
Distance between centres 1000 mm1500mm
Swing in gap690 mm690mm
Length of gap165mm165mm
Centre height230 mm230mm
Width of gap240 mm240mm
Width of bed300 mm300mm
Max. Section of tool25mm x 25mm25mm x 25mm
Max. Travel of slide285mm285mm
Max. Travel compound rest120mm120mm
Spindle noseD1-7D1-7
Spindle bore58 mm58 mm
Taper of spindle centreNo 6 MorseNo 6. Morse
Range of Spindle speed 13- changes 25-2000 r/min.13- changes 25-2000r/min.
Lead screw pitch6 mm 6mm
Metric threads42 kinds 0.1-14mm42 kinds 0.1-14mm
Inch threads61 kinds 2-112 T.P.I61 kinds 2-112 T.P.I
Module pitches range35 kinds. 0.1-7mp mm35 kinds. 0.1-7mp mm
Cross feeds range in metric lead screw43 Kinds, 0.014 -0.784mm/rev43 Kinds, 0.014 -0.784mm/rev
Cross feeds range in inch lead screw42 Kinds, 0.00033”-0.01837”/rev42 Kinds, 0.00033”-0.01837”/rev
Longitudinal feeds range in metric lead screw 43 Kinds, 0.031-1.7mm / rev43 Kinds, 0.031-1.7mm / rev
Longitudinal feeds range in inch lead screw 43 Kinds, 0.0011”- 0.0633”/rev43 Kinds, 0.0011”- 0.0633”/rev
Travel of tailstock sleeve120mm120mm
Diameter of tailstock sleeve60 mm60mm
Morse taper of sleeveM5M5
Power of main motor5.5kW5.5kw
Power of coolant pump0.1kW0.1kw
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)2750 x 1080 x 1370mm2750 x 1080 x 1370mm
Net weight 1720kg1970kg
Gross weight2045kg2330kg