Dahlih DCM-2216

High quality double column machining center. Made in Taiwan.


Dahlih DCM-2216 Information

Table size2,200 x 1,500 mm
T slot ( size x number x pitch )22 x 9 x 150 mm
Max. table load6,000 kgw
Longitudinal travel ( X )2,200 mm
Cross travel  ( Y )1,600 mm
Headstock travel ( Z )800 mm (Opt:1,100 mm)
Distance between spindle nose and table surface200 ~ 1,000 mm
Distance between centers1,700 mm
Guild way type ( X, Y, Z-axis )5S type roller linear guideways
X, Y, Z-axis transmission / X, Y, Z-axisX:Belt, Y, Z:Direct coupled
Rapid traverse X-axis20 m/min
Rapid traverse Y-axis20 m/min
Rapid traverse Z-axis20 m/min
Cutting feed10,000 mm/min
Min. input increment0.001 mm
Spindle transmissionDirect coupled (Opt:Gear transmission)
Spindle motorα i 15 / 10,000 , 15(20) / 18.5(24.8)
Spindle taper coneBT50
Spindle speed10,000 rpm (Opt:6,000 rpm)
Spindle bearing diameterØ90 mm (Opt:Ø100 mm)
Spindle max. torque120N-m (Opt:520N-m)
Cooling / LubricationOil cooling / Grease lubrication
Tool storage capacity40 T
Tool holderBT50
Pull stud typeCollet type 45° pull stud
Max. tool weight18 kgw
Max. tool length400 mm
Max. tool diameter125 mm (Opt:250 mm)
Tool selectionBi-direction / Random
Drive motors X-axis7 Kw
Drive motors Y-axis7 Kw
Drive motors Z-axis7 Kw
Power requirement50 KVA
Air pressure6 kg/cm²
Coolant pump1 1/4 HP
Coolant tank capacity400L
Chip conveyorScrew type (Opt:Lift-up hinge type)
Net weight25,000 kg
Floor space7,830 x 5,045 mm
  • Spindle cooler
  • Ring type coolant nozzle
  • Heat exchanger
  • Removable MPG
  • Screw type chip conveyor + chip wagon
  • Screw type chip conveyor
  • Pilot lamp
  • Working lamp
  • Enclosed splash guard
  • Tool kit
  • BT50 geared spindle
  • Coolant system:
    • Deep hole drilling device
    • Coolant through spindle from A + cartridge filter
    • Coolant through spindle from B + paper filter
  • Oil mist device
  • Lift-up hinge type chip conveyor + chip cart
  • Oil skimmer
  • Automatic centering device
  • Coolant through spindle with filter
  • Oil mist device
  • Automatic centering device
  • X, Y, Z linear scales
  • Tool breakage detection device
  • Tool length measurement
  • Tool setter
  • Alarm beeper
  • 90 milling attachment
  • 60 tools ATC nuit
  • coolant gun and air gun
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
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