Dahlih MCV-1250

Vertical Machining Center. Made in Taiwan


  • Heat exchanger
  • Removable manual pulse generator
  • Coolant around spindle
  • Spindle type chip conveyor
  • Semi-enclosed splash guard
  • RS-232 interface
  • Automatic power off
  • Call light
  • Automatic lubrication equipment
  • Work light
  • Tool kit
  • Spare fuses
  • Pendant type operator
  • Spindle cooler
  • Rigid tapping


Working surface1,400 x 820 mm
T-Slots ( size x number )22 x 5 mm
Max. table load1,500 kgw
Longitudinal travel  X-axis1,250 mm
Cross travel Y-axis650 mm
Headstock travel Z-axis700 mm
Distance bettween spindle end and table top200 ~ 900 mm
Distance between spindle center and column surface710 mm
Rapid traverse X-axis20 m/min
Rapid traverse Y-axis20 m/min
Rapid traverse Z-axis12 m/min
Cutting feed5,000 mm/min10,000 mm/min
Minimum input increment0.001 mm
Spoindle noseN.T.50N.T.40
Spoindle speeds4,500 rpm8,000 rpm
Spindle speed rangeTwo gears variableInfinite variable
Tool storage capacity24
Tool holderB.T.50B.T.40
Max. tool dia. x lengthØ110 x 350 mmØ95 x 185 mm
Max. tool weight15 kgw7 kgw
Tool selectionRandomBi-Directional
Spindle drive motor continuous rating11 Kw7.5 Kw
Spindle drive motor rated output for 30 min.15 Kw11 Kw
Drive motors X-axis4 Kw
Drive motors Y-axis4 Kw
Drive motors Z-axis3 Kw
Net weight10,500 kg
Floor space5,006 x 4,256 mm
  • Enclosed splash guard
  • Flat type chip conveyor and chip wagon
  • Rotary table with 4th axis control
  • 4th axis connector
  • Coolant through tool
  • Coolant through spindle with filter
  • Coolant wash
  • Automatic tool length measuring device
  • Automatic centering device (Renishaw MP-10)
  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Cam mechanism ATC ( 40 Tools )
  • Graphite Filtering system
  • Spindle speed
    • BT50 / 6,000 rpm gear drive spindle
    • BT40 / 10,000 rpm belt drive spindle
    • BT40 / 12,000 / 15,000 rpm direct drive spindle
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