Gorelocker 1000

  • Max Diameter Of Elbow: Ø1.2mm
  • Diameter Range: Ø120-1150mm
  • Forming Speed: 35r/min
  • Motor Power: 1.5kw×2
  • Weight: 600Kg
  • Dimension: 2080×720×895mm


Gorelocker 1000:

This gorelocker is primarily for making round duct elbows as it locks both female and male components together to form a tube elbow. It provides the basics for the production of elbow parts and features a geared motor. This means the speed is non-variable and has a little less precision compared to a hydraulic gorelocker, but is still effective and efficient.


Type 1000 1500 1000A
Max Diameter Of Elbow 1.2mm 1.5mm 0.4-1.2mm (galvanized steel) 0.4-1.0mm (stainless steel)
Diameter Range φ120-1150mm Φ120-1500mm φ120-1000mm
Forming Speed 35r/min 35r/min 75r/min
Motor Power 1.5KW×2 2.2KW*2 1.5kw*2+2.2KW×1
Weight 600Kg 700Kg 600Kg
Dimension 2080×720×895mm 2450×700×895mm 2100×700×890mm
Type 1500A 1000D 1500D
Max Diameter Of Elbow 0.4-1.8mm (galvanized steel) 0.4-1.2mm (stainless steel) 0.4-1.2mm (galvanized steel)

0.4-1.0mm (stainless steel)

0.4-1.8mm (galvanized steel)

0.4-1.2mm (stainless steel)

Diameter Range Φ120-1500mm φ120-1000mm φ120-1500mm
Forming Speed 75r/min 75r/min 75r/min
Motor Power 2.2KW*2+4kw*1 1.5kw*2+2.2KW*2 2.2KW*2+4KW*2
Weight 660Kg 600kg 660kg
Dimension 2450×700×895mm 2080×700×895mm 2450×700×895mm