Maxi 6160 CNC Wheel Lathe

This CNC wheel lathe has a simple, yet effective design resulting in it having a low cost – high performance price ratio.

Please ask us about our other CNC wheel lathe machines which have different features such as having a tailstock which allows also for the machining of shafts.


Wheel Lathe Features:

  • The wheel rim measurements can be recorded by laser scanning or probing equipment which is included with the machine.
  • Hundreds of different wheel profiles can be stored and the machine programs can be selected as needed.
  • The software has been designed specifically for wheel rim repairs.
  • Wheel machining is automatic, precise and fast.
  • The machine is operated by touch screen, and the system interface supports many different languages.
  • Features X and Z axis measurement, wheel surface and circumferential machining.
  • The machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system.
  • Using a diamond tipped tool for machining wheel rims makes the wheel surface smoother.
  • The machine can be customized according to customer requirements.


Max Wheel Diameter22″ inch
X-axis maximum stroke320mm
Main motor power3kw
Rail Width260mm
Max. workpiece length500mm
Wheel measuring directionX,Z
Measuring ToolLaser or probe (optional)
Measurement methodPoint measurement and quick scan
 Program optimizationManual and automatic
 Number of wheel processing programs100000 rows
Wheel processingSurface, rim
Machining accuracyIT6~IT7 um
Main drive formFrequency control, servo drive (optional)
Spindle speedFactory setting 150~2800
Fast-moving feedX :5000 Z :8000 mm/min
Repeat accuracyX :0.01 Z :0.015mm
Turret formFixed turret,Electric turret (optional)
Section of turning tool25×25mm
Machine size(L×W×H)1900×1400×1750mm
Net weight1300kg
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