Maxi Chip Compactor

Machine workshops often create a lot of metal swarf/chips, especially when there are CNC machines running 24hr shifts. In that loose and un-compacted form, all the metal chips that pile up are not worth much when sold to scrap steel yards. With our Maxi Chip Compactor you can compact that swarf waste into solid blocks of waste which makes it much easier to handle, store and greatly increases the value when sold to scrap yards. During the compacting process, a lot of coolant fluid is extracted out of the scrap chips allowing you to recycle and save on a surprisingly large amount of coolant that would have otherwise been lost.


  • Chip volume is reduced by 10 times after having 120 tons of pressure applied to it.
  • Saves space and transport costs.
  • Compacted chip block contains liquid below 4% – the recycled liquid extracted from the chips saves a lot on coolant loss.
  • Greatly increase scrap metal value.
  • Machine includes a manual recycling function allowing liquid to be extracted and collected.
  • Optional: Automatic coolant collecting system



  • Brass
  • Aluminum
  • Casting iron
  • Stainless
  • SS SC steel
  • Iron

Chip Example:

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