Quick-Tech i-42 Robo – CNC Turning and Milling Complex Lathe

This 4 axis lathe with C-axis and live tooling provides the added advantage of robotic loading for unmanned chucking operations.

This machine is a modified version of the IT-42 with internal integration of a Mitsubishi 6 axis articulated robot. This requires no additional floor space, and is positioned so it will not hinder the machine operator while setting the machine, or operating the Mitsubishi M70 control system.


Quick-Tech i-42 Robo – CNC Turning and Milling Complex Lathe Specifications

Machine TypeI-42ROBO
Mitsubishi ControllerM80
Spindle Max. Turning Dia.100mm
CapacityMax. Bar Working Dia.42mm (65mm)
Max. Turning Length230mm
Collet Chuck TypeKK5-173E42B (KK6-185E60B)
Spindle NoseA2-5 (A2-6)
Spindle Bore43mm (66mm)
Max. RPM.4000rpm (6000rpm)
Sub-spindleMax. Turning Dia.----
CapacityMax. Bar Working Dia.----
Max. Turning Length----
Collet Chuck Type----
Spindle Nose----
Spindle Bore----
Max. RPM.----
C AxisLeast Command Unit0.001°
Positioning Accuracy0.02°
Travel&FeedX1/Y1/Z1 axis150 / 410 / 250mm
X2/Y2/Z2 axis----
Rapid Feed----
Repeated Positioning Accuracy0.005mm
MotorMain-SpindleServo Spindle 7.5kw (11.0kw)
X1/Y1/Z1 axisAC Servo 1.0 / 1.5 / 1.5kw
X2/Y2/Z2 axis----
Motorized ToolAC Servo 1.5k
A.T.C SystemOD/ID Tools Main Spindle2020-06-05 00:00:00
OD/ID Tools Main Spindle----
Tool Shank Size□ 20mm
Drill Holder Size (Main)ER-20 /  Ø20mm
Drill Holder Size (Sub)----
Motorized ToolNumber of Motorized Tools6 (12 with B-axis)
B axis( 360° )
Max. RPM.4000rpm
Collet SpecificationER-20
Max. Drilling Dia.12.0mm
Max. Tapping CapacityM10xP1.5
HydraulicHydraulic Pump / Tank Capacity1HP / 40L
SystemMax. Pressure / Flow30 kg/cm²  /  12L/min
LubricationLubricant Pump / Tank Capacity25W / 2L
Max. Pressure15 kg/cm²
Coolant Coolant PumpTPH4T5K, 5Bar, 75 L/min
SystemHydraulic Pump-------
Coolant Tank Capacity125L
MachineLength/ Width/ Height3200 (2500) / 1750 / 1950mm