Quick-Tech MiniMax 20i / 25i

This series offers the most efficient and cost-saving solution for mass production for 20/25mm complex parts, i.e medical parts, IT parts.


Quick-Tech MiniMax 20i/25i Specifications

Machine Type MiniMax 20i (25i) TwinMiniMax 20i (25i) MillMiniMax 20i (25i) EcoMiniMax 20i (25i) GBL
Mitsubishi ControllerM80M80M80M80
Main spindle capacityMax. Bar Working Dia.20mm/25mm20mm/25mm20mm/25mm20mm/25mm
Max. Length for Front Ejection100mm100mm100mm100mm
Chuck TYPESR-20R/SR-25RSR-20R/SR-25RSR-20R/SR-25RSR-20R/SR-25R
Main Spindle Bore21mm/27mm21mm/27mm21mm/27mm21mm/27mm
Max. RPM.8000rpm8000rpm8000rpm8000rpm
Guide Bush○ ○ ○ △ (option)
Sub spindle capacityMax. Bar Working Dia.20mm/25mm---
Turning Length30mm---
Chuck TYPESR-20R/SR-25R---
Sub-Spindle Bore21mm/27mm---
Max. RPM.8000 rpm--_
C axisLeast Command Unit0.001°0.001° --
Positioning Accuracy0.02°0.02° --
MotorMain Spindle / Sub Spindle3.7kw3.7kw3.7kw3.7kw
A.T.C systemOD Tools Main Spindle7 (□12mm)7 (□12mm)7 (□12mm)7 (□12mm)
ID Tools Main Spindle3 ( Ø20)3 ( Ø20)6 ( Ø20)6 ( Ø20)
ID Tools sub-spindle3+4 ( Ø20mm,ER-16M)---
Motorized toolNo of Motorized Tools on main spindle6 (ER-16M) ( Axial x3 + Radial x3 )6 (ER-16M) (Axial x3 + Radial x3)--
No of Motorized Tools on sub- spindle3 (ER-11M) (Axial x3)---
Max. RPM.4000 rpm4000 rpm--
Motor1.0kw 1.0kw --
Hydraulic systemHydraulic Motor1HP1HP1HP1HP
Hydraulic Pressure50 kg/cm²50 kg/cm²50 kg/cm²50 kg/cm²
Tank Capacity15L15L15L15L
LubricationLubricant Pump25W25W25W25W
Max. Pressure15 kg/cm²15 kg/cm²15 kg/cm²15 kg/cm²
Capacity2 L2 L2 L2 L
Coolant  systemHydraulic Pump5~7 Bar, 75L/min5~7 Bar, 75L/min5~7 Bar, 75L/min5~7 Bar, 75L/min
Coolant Tank Capacity110L110L110L110L
Machine sizeLength/ Width/ Height3100(2500)x1500x19503100(2500)x1500x19503100(2500)x1500x19503100(2500)x1500x1950
Weight2000 kg2000 kg2000 kg2000 kg