Quick-Tech T8 Hybrid-Y


  • Power turret and flexible gantry type tooling system.
  • Synchronous spindles.
  • Up to 24 live tools with powerful motor.
  • Double programs for cycle time saving.
  • 25 bar coolant pressure.
  • Free angle B axis 360° for all the angular tapping and drilling.
  • 2 Y axis.



Quick-Tech T8 Hybrid-Y Specifications

Quick-Tech T8 Hybrid-Y  Cycle time can be saved up to 45%. Flexible duo system simultaneous. The system allows running 2 programs simultaneously

Machine TypeT8 Hybrid-Y
Mitsubishi Controller M830S
Main Swing over Bed500mm
Spindle Swing over cross slide300mm
CapacityMax. Turning Dia.300mm
Max. Bar Working Dia.65mm
Max. Turning Length200mm
Chuck SizeKK6-185E60B
Main Spindle NoseA2-6
Main Spindle Bore66mm
Max. RPM.3000rpm (4000rpm)
Sub- Spindle Max. Turning Dia.100mm
CapacityMax. Bar Working Dia.42mm
Max. Turning Length100mm
Chuck SizeKK5-173E42B
Sub- Spindle NoseA2-5
Sub- Spindle Bore32mm
Max. RPM.4000rpm (6000rpm)
C AxisLeast Command Unit0.001°
Positioning Accuracy0.02°
Tavel&FeedSlant Bed Degree75°
X1/Z1 Axis Travel150mm / 380mm
Y1 Axis Travel80mm = ±40mm
X2/Y2/Z2 Axis Travel470mm / 380mm / 280mm
AxesBall screwØ32 x P10
Linear Guide Way35mm
Y2 Axis Linear Guide Way25mm
Rapid Feed30m/min
Repetition Accuracy0.005mm
ATCSystem 1BMT-55 Power Turret
SystemNo of Tools12
Tool Holder□25mm /  ○ 25mm / ○ 32mm
System 2Gantry
No of ToolsOD*5 / ID*9 / LiveTool*12
B Axis (option accessory)360°
Tool Holder□20mm  ○ 20mm
MotorMain SpindleServo Spindle 11kw
Sub SpindleServo Spindle 3.7kw (5.5kw)
X1/Y1/Z1 AxisAC Servo 2.2 / 1.5 / 1.5kw
X2/Y2/Z2 AxisAC Servo 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5kw
HydraulicPump Spec/Capacity1HP / 40L
SystemHydraulic Pressure/ Flow30 kg/cm²  /  12L/min
LubricationPump Spce/Capacity25W / 2L
Max. Pressure15 kg/cm²
CoolantPump SpecTPH4T5K, 5Bar, 75 L/min
SystemHigh Pressure Pump SpecSF-30C, 25Bar, 30L/min
Coolant Tank Capacity240L
MachineLength without/with Chip Coveyor2795mm/4118mm
SizeMachine Width/Height2051mm/2180mm
Machine Weight6100 kg