Rectangular Duct Fabrication Line Ⅲ

  • Duct Line Ⅲ
  • Type: Ⅲ-1250 & Ⅲ-1550
  • Thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
  • Max-Working Speed: 18m/Min
  • Coiler Max-Weight: 8000Kg
  • Power: 9.5kw


The Rectangular Duct Line Ⅲ determines the duct perimeter, performs precise corner cutting, and folding, so that the end product is a flange free rectangular duct. This production line is completed with an additional lock former or TDC flange roll former, allowing the production line to occupy less space, operate with less manual labor, and have an increased productivity.

The duct line 3 consists of electric powered material compartment, duct beaders, hydraulic cutters, hydraulic bending machines, hole punching, and square punching equipment.


  1. Uncoiling
  2. Leveling & Bending Grooving
  3. Customized Cut-off
  4. Notched “V”and “” and Shear for C&S or TDF Flange
  5. Notched “” and Shear for C&S or TDF Flange
  6. Folding to ““and “L” Type

Duct Fabrication Lines Ⅲ Parameters:

Specifications / Parameters
Type Ⅲ-1250 Ⅲ-1550
Thickness 0.5-1.2 Mm 0.5-1.2 Mm
Max-Width 1250 Mm 1550 Mm
Max-Working Speed 18 M/Min 18 M/Min
Coiler Max-Weight 8000 Kg 8000 Kg
Power 9.5kw 9.5kw
Weight 3250 Kg 4000 Kg
Dimension 2300×1800×1400mm 2300×2100×1400mm