Schnell 1530B Fiber Laser – Basic Model

Standard Model (No Covers or Exchange Table) Heavy Duty Fiber Laser with:

  • Auto Focus
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Screw Type Air Compressor and Air Filters – Optional


Schnell fiber lasers have been researched and designed in Germany to have the highest level of quality – while still managing to achieve incredibly affordable prices.

Schnell uses the following high-standard components in their lasers ensuring their products are exceptionally reliable:

•Schneider Electronics – French
•Yaskawa Motors – Japanese
•Neugart Reducers – German
•Atlanta Rack & Pinion – German
•Raytool Laser Head – Switzerland

Auto-Focusing Laser Head:

  • The Raytool laser cutting heads make use of an
    automatic focusing function for cutting different
    thickness plates. This makes the cutting process
    up to 10 times faster.
  • The laser heads have a built-in water cooling
    system which greatly improves the service life of
    the head

Wireless Controller:

  • The wireless and magnetic-based controller makes it much easy and convenient for the operator to make quick test cuts and adjustments.

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