Schnell RS-18 Robot Fiber Laser

This state-of-the-art, yet surprisingly very affordable, Robotic Fiber Laser will give a huge boost to your production line whilst helping you save on labour costs and frustrations.

This is the future.

Using it’s 6 Axis it can cut 360 degrees anywhere within it’s maximum 2010mm radius reach.



Possible robot arm placement options – Standing on the floor / Hanging upside down / Wall mounted

Available fiber laser power options – 500W, 750W, 1000W

Working area/reach – 1800mm

Repeat position accuracy – ±0.05mm

Work Piece Samples

There are various irregular shaped materials for processing automotive sheet metal, 3D kitchen ware and sports equipment. General fiber laser cutting machine can not achieve the precise processing of these irregular shapes, but the RS-18 Robot Laser can operate well in these industries.
Automotive sheet metal, 3D kitchen tools, sporting equipment, etc.

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