Duct Fabrication Lines Ⅳ

  • Duct Lines
  • The electronics are programmable
  • Maximum feeding speed is 16m/min
  • Length tolerance is ±0.5mm per meter
  • Diagonal length tolerance is ±0.8mm.


Rectangular Duct Fabrication Lines Ⅳ adds lock formers and flanges that are not included on duct lines II, allowing it to manufacture both TDF and TDC flanges. A duct brake is needed for TDF flange production, and a corner inserting machine is needed for TDC flange production. Our production line occupies less space, is easy to assemble or disassemble onsite, and increases productivity.

The duct line IV consists of the material compartment, duct beader, sheet shearing machine, and angle pressing machine.


  1. Uncoiling
  2. Leveling & Bending Grooving
  3. Customized Cut-off
  4. Notched “V”and “” and Shear for C&S or TDF Flange
  5. Notched “” and Shear for C&S or TDF Flange
  6. Forming Pittsburgh lock
  7. Forming the Angle & TDF Fangle

Rectangular Duct Fabrication Lines Ⅳ Parameters:

Specifications / Parameters:
Type Ⅳ-1250 Ⅳ-1550
Thickness 0.5-1.2mm 0.5-1.2mm
Max-width 1250mm 1550mm
Max-working speed 16m/min 16m/min
Coiler max-weight 8000kg 8000kg
Power 19kw 20kw
Weight 10000Kg 12000Kg
Dimension 18000×3400×1500mm 18000×3600×1500mm