Spiral Tubeformer 1500/1500C

  • Both machines are equipped with optic-electro sensor switchs and offer an automatic cutting-and-stop mode.
  • Saw blades for cutting. The 1500C is equipped with saw blades for cutting and plasma cutting, with a diameter range of 80 to 1500mm.
  • 38m/min variable production speed. Maximum feeding speed is up to 38m/min


The Spiral Tubeformer 1500/1500C spiral duct forming machine is used to turn galvanized sheets, stainless steel, and aluminium into a spiral pattern, and further forming it into round ducts. These two models are exceptionally economical and designed to meet basic duct production needs, making them ideal for start-up manufacturing plants.

The production diameter for both tube formers range between 80 to 1500mm, while the 1500C works on material with a thickness larger than 2mm.

1500 1500C
Diameter Φ80-Φ1500mm Φ100-Φ1500mm
Thickness Of Strip Galvanized Steel Sheet 0.4-1.2mm;Stainless Steel 0.4-0.8mm Galvanized Steel Sheet 0.4-2.0mm;Stainless Steel 0.4-1.2mm
Width Of Strip 137mm 137mm
Stip Speed 1-38m/Min 1-30m/Min
Motor Power 5.5Kw 16.5 Kw
Weight 1708Kg 2300Kg
Dimension 3400mm×2070mm×2720mm 3800mm×2160mm×2720mm
Cutting system Saw cutter(plasma cutter according to customer’s request) Saw cutter and plasma cutter