Sunrise Double Cylinder Ironworker

IW-60S ~ IW-165SD


The double cylinder “S/SD” series are in the Sunrise tradition of well engineered ironworkers built for high power, quality, and reliability. These ironworkers have two control foot pedals, and separate operations can be safely performed simultaneously. The low pressure setting for tool change provides maximum operation safety. The long punching cylinder stroke and deep throat enable mounting a wide range of special equipment. The large punching base with the “T-slot” mounting provides a solid base for securing the punching tooling, as well as a wide range of optional and custom designed tooling.


VIDEO: Sunrise Hydraulic Ironworker IW-80S

* : Optional Tooling

Based on low carbon / mild steel material strength of 45kg / mm² tensile. Design and specifications subject to change without notice. A 2-hole overhang die holder and a 2-piece gauging table are provided as standard equipment on all dual cylinder ironworkers.