Harris 360N Lathe

◆ Precision ground hardened bedways
◆ The spindle is supported with precision roller bearings
◆ Headstock gears are made of high quality steel which are ground and hardened
◆ Removable gap in the bed allows for larger diameter work
◆ Easy operation of speed change levers
◆ Spindle speed range 70~2000r/min
◆ Easy operating gear box has various feeds and thread cutting function
◆ D1-4 camlock spindle nose


Standard accessories

  • 3 Jaw chuck
  • 4 Jaw chuck
  • Face plate
  • Chip tray
  • Splash guard
  • Tool box
  • Steady rest
  • Follow rest
  • Brake
  • Coolant system
  • Work light
  • Emergency stopper


360N x 750360N x 1000
Swing over bed360mm(14")358mm(14")
Swing over cross slide224mm(8-13/16")223mm(8-25/32")
Swing in gap diameter502mm(19-3/4")502mm(19-3/4")
Swing in length210mm(8-1/4")210mm(8-1/4")
Center height179mm(7")179mm(7")
Admits between750mm(30")1000mm(40")
Bed width187mm(7-3/8")187mm(7-3/8")
Bed length1405mm(55-5/16")1655mm(65-1/8")
Bed height290mm(11- 13/32")290mm(11- 13/32")
Spindle bore38mm(1-1/2")38mm(1-1/2")
Spindle noseD1-4"D1-4"
Taper in noseMT NO.5MT NO.5
Taper in sleeveMT NO.3MT NO.3
Speeds number88
Range of spindle speed70-2000 r/min20~450 or 135~3000r.p.m
Cross slide width130mm(5-3/32″)130mm(5-3/32″)
Cross slide travel170mm(6-11/16")160mm(6-5/16")
Compound rest width80mm(3-1/8″)80mm(3-1/8″)
Compound rest travel95mm(3-9/16")95mm(3-9/16")
Lead screw diameter22mm(7/8″)22mm(7/8″)
Lead screw thread8T.P.I. or 3mm8T.P.I. or 3mm
Feed rod diameter19mm(3/4")19mm(3/4")
Cutting tool max section16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8")16mm×16mm(5/8"×5/8")
Threads imperial pitches34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I34 Nos.4-56 T.P.I
Threads metric pitches26 Nos.0.4-7 M.P26 Nos.0.4-7 M.P
Longitudinal feeds imperial32 Nos.0.002-0.548"/Rev32 Nos.0.002-0.548"/Rev
Longitudinal feeds metric32 Nos.0.052-0.392mm/Rev32 Nos.0.052-0.392mm/Rev
Cross feeds imperial32 Nos.0.007-0.0187"/Rev32 Nos.0.007-0.0187"/Rev
Cross feeds metric32 Nos.0.014-0.380mm/Rev32 Nos.0.014-0.380mm/Rev
Quill diameter32mm(1-1/4")32mm(1-1/4")
Quill travel100mm(3-15/16")100mm(3-15/16")
Quill taperMT NO.3MT NO.3
For main motor2HP, 3PH or 2PH, 1PH2HP, 3PH or 2PH, 1PH
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