Quick-Tech S32 ATM


The medical market is highly regulated, require high precision, performance and reliability; lives depend on accurate machining performed by experienced professionals.

This field continues to grow in complexity parts and new S32 help to achieve any challenge. Whether taking on titanium, chrome, stainless steel or extreme precision of micromachining, the S32 fulfills the engineering solutions for one-process manufacturing.


Quick-Tech S32 ATM Specifications

The new Quick-Tech S32 ATM delivers successful medical machining solutions for a wide range of products.

Machine TypeS-32 ATM 
Mitsubishi Controller M830S
Spindle Max. Bar Working Dia.32mm
CapacityMax. Turning Length350mm(OD Turn) / 140mm(Drill)
Collet Chuck TypeKK5-173E42B / N205A5 (5-inch)
Spindle NoseISO(DIN) A2-5
Spindle Bore33mm
Max. RPM.6000 rpm
Spindle MotorBuilt-in spindle 3.7kw
Sub-spindleMax. Bar Working Dia.32mm
CapacityMax. Turning Length230mm(OD Turn) / 55mm(Drill)
Collet Chuck TypeKK5-173E42B / N205A5 (5-inch)
Spindle NoseISO(DIN) A2-5
Spindle Bore33mm
Max. RPM.6000rpm
Spindle MotorBuilt-in spindle 3.7kw
Optional Accessory 1Ø16Running center (Quill)
Optional Accessory 2Part Support (pneumatic)
Tool SpindleMax. RPM.12000rpm
Spindle TypeHSK-T40
Spindle MotorBuilt-in spindle 10kw
Tool Holding Force290kg
Tool Realease Force450~500kg
Machining CoolingCoolant Ring
Travel&FeedX1420mm (210mm)
Y180 = ±40mm
X2420mm (210mm)
Y280 = ±40mm
X1/Y1/Z1 Axis Servo Motor2.2 / 1.5 / 2.2 kw
X2/Y2/Z2 Axis Servo Motor2.2 / 1.5 / 2.2 kw
B AxisB axis Rotary190°= ±95°
Least Command Unit0.001°
Repetition Accuracy0.002°
MotorAC Servo 1.0kw
ATC SystemTool SpecHSK-T40
Tool Magazine Station24
Tool Retract Travel40mm
Max. Tool Dia.Ø55 (φ80 witdout adjacent tool)
Max. Tool Weight3kg
Max. Tool Length100 (From tde surface of spindle)
Tool Change Time1.3sec
Tool Arm Swing505mm
MotorAC Servo 0.75kw
Gantry ToolingDrill Holder SpecER20 / Ø20mm
Tool Quantity6
LubricationMax. Pressure10MPa (100 kg/cm²)
Oil Speclubrication oil (#0~00)
HydraulicHydraulic Motor1HP
SystemHydraulic Pressure50kg/cm²
Tank Capacity35L / 30L
Coolant Coolant Tank Capacity240L
SystemCoolant Motor Type2KW + 2KW
Pressure5BAR + 25BAR
Machine Length3800mm (Chip CVY.) / 2900mm

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