Schnell XS-Series Marking Laser

This Fully Enclosed Fiber Marking Laser is extremely cost efficient and is suitable for use either at work or home.

With it’s very compact design the size of a desktop computer, this marking laser is incredibly easy to move from location to location.

It features WiFi capabilities and an increased level of operation safety due to the fully enclosed design.



Laser Power 20W / 30W (optional)
Standard Marking Area (mm) 110mm x 110mm

175mm x 175mm

Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
Minimum Character Size 0.4mm
Min. Line Width (mm) ±0.0001mm
Repetition Accuracy ±0.01mm
Marking Depth ≤2mm

The machine is equipped with CE certified protective glass. It not only offers a unique view of the object being engraved, but also the best possible protection for the user. The door is equipped with a sensor for safety. No engraving will begin if it is not properly sealed. The laser switches off automatically if the door opens.

The laser marking machine is equipped with WiFi capabilities allowing the machine to be controlled wirelessly.

Able to adapt to different workpiece heights and different marking ranges.

Compact and Portable

This engraving station fits into your space or your desk without clutter. Can be used for special events, or entertainment.