Spiral Duct Flanger

  • Total power: 6kW
  • Material thickness:  0.4-1.2 mm
  • Flanging height: 7-12 mm
  • Weight:  +- 2400 kg


Due to the particularity of the Spiral Duct Fanger, the beaded part of the lock-seam is as thick as three layers of steel sheet. In the traditional way, the flanging strip can be flanged only after being processed, and the working efficiency is relatively low. The hydraulic spiral duct flanger is a newly developed machine, featuring direct flanging without any processing, which is labour-saving and highly efficient.

  • Spiral Duct Flanger Specifications:
Model 1250
Total power 6 kW
Material thickness 0.4-1.2 mm
Flanging height 7-12 mm
Diameter range 80-1250 mm
Dimension of host machine 2200*1500*2200
Dimension of stinger 3500*1000*550
Weight +-2400 kg